Friday, April 12, 2013

The Turtle is at the Starting Line

The turtle is ready to go . . .
Last year, I saved many seeds from my garden including tomato, peppers, several different types of squash, coriander, dill, kale, radish, beans, sunflower, basil, dill and I'm certain there are more I am forgetting.
 Before I went on vacation, I planted several flats of the saved seeds.  I put a baker's rack on the counter in the kitchen in front of a southern exposure window.  Things are comin' up.
 Last weekend's weather was stellar.  I transplanted chives, parsley, garlic and a small peach tree.  I also started two 12 foot rows of peas and a 12 foot row of broccoli.  I also planted lettuce and spinach.
 This year, I plan on expanding the garden.  This should help with garden production and cut down on the time it takes to mow the lawn.
LOOKOUT fellow challenge teams, the turtle's team is ready to WIN!!!!!!!!
I also plan on participating (solo) in the mini challenge at the end of April.

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