Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mini-Challenge Day 2

The only variant from my menu yesterday - I forgot to eat my cream corn at lunch.  I had it at lunch today along with a salad of dandelion greens and wild onions.

Dinner was a huge amount of pasta last night.  I don't feel that I am at all being deprived in calories or nutrition.

I think it is easier to eat with this limited budget than it is in regular life, and improving my diet as well. It forced me to meal plan to consume an equal amount of the foods I could afford.  I am eating a lot more greens than I normally do too.

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  1. I agree! All of my meals have been very satisfying. The only thing that I'm sick of eating is the celery sticks. I like the barley and oatmeal mixture. Its much more filing than just oatmeal. My fat intake has been minimal as I am not using any added oils in my recipes or on my salads. The highest fat is content is in the eggs which is approx 4.5 grams per medium egg.
    I've also been thinking about all the meals/indulgences that cost $7.50 or more: coffee & a pastry; soup & sandwich; burrito; etc. What luxuries but also a dent to my pocketbook!