Monday, April 29, 2013

Mini-Challenge Meal Plan

I decided to write a meal plan to incorporate all the foods gathered for the challenge, to give a diversity of dishes and to make sure I don't have a glut of one ingredient going into the last day.  Here is my plan;

Monday - Breakfast of oats, 1 banana, applesauce.  Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday that Therese gave me applesauce and grape juice from her freezer gathered from the previous season.  Coffee from the hardware store.
Lunch of potato salad, bologna sandwich, and creamed corn.  I opened one of the cans of creamed corn yesterday and its contents are fine.
Dinner of spaghetti and garlic toast.
Snacks should I need them will consist of macaroni salad and applesauce.

Tuesday - Breakfast of 1 egg, hashbrowns, 1 banana, and coffee.
Lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich and macaroni salad
Dinner of fried bologna, creamed corn, and a baked potato.
Snacks should I need them of a hardboiled egg and a banana

Wednesday - Breakfast of 1 egg, oats, banana, applesauce, and coffee.  Seems like I will be hungry Wednesday morning.
Lunch will be a bologna sandwich, potato salad, and creamed corn.
Dinner will be spaghetti and garlic toast.
Snacks if needed are bean salad and a harboiled egg.

Thursday - Breakfast of oats, banana, hashbrowns, and coffee.
Lunch of macaroni salad, bean salad, fried bologna, and creamed corn.
Dinner of a chef's salad and grilled cheese
Snacks if needed will be macaroni salad and applesauce

Friday - Breakfast of 1 egg, oats, hashbrowns, and banana
Lunch of a bologna sandwich, bean salad, and baked french fries
Dinner of fried bologna, baked potato, and creamed corn.
Snacks will include whatever is left.

I did a few hours of prep work last night; I soaked the navy beans, parboiled the hashbrowns and fries, made the potato salad and macaroni salad (though I will probably need to make more macaroni salad,) hardboiled the eggs, and made garlic spread.

As I was typing this post I enjoyed this morning's breakfast.  If this challenge was longer I would either have found a coffee-drinking partner or just quit the stuff (like I did last challenge) but it takes about 4 days for the headaches to stop so I'll find complimentary sources of coffee when my supplies run out.

I had to go to the hardware store this morning so I drank a cup while walking the aisles and then filled another cup on the way out the door.  I don't have any sugar, Sharon had the good idea to take the hardware store's packets if they had them.  Alas they did not, only a large can of sugar.  We don't have milk either so I just put margarine on my oats.  They were fine.

I will post daily (not by meal) during this mini challenge to give my general opinions and note any changes to the meal plan listed.

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  1. I also will be collecting basswood and dandelion greens for salads as I go.