Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mini-Challenge is Here!

As Mark stated, we got together and swapped/shared items for the mini-challenge that starts tomorrow.  I've been busy this afternoon preparing my meals for the week (I will be eating the same dishes every day).  Here is the list of ingredients I had to work with which totals $7.50:
24 oz tomato sauce $0.77, 1 lb bag of barley $0.83, 10 eggs $0.85, 2 small heads leaf lettuce $0.50, 6 oz oatmeal $0.55, 6 bananas $0.44, 1/2 lb navy beans $0.50, 3 1/3 lbs potatoes (8) $0.83, celery $1.00, small sweet pepper $0.30, 1 cucumber $0.50, .30 lbs sea salt $0.21, 2 tsp chili powder ~$0.08, 2 tsp cinnamon ~$0.14. I'm also using free wild onions & chives and 3 packets of sugar.

And here are the meals that I will be eating for the next 5 days:
Breakfast: 1 cup oatmeal/barley mixed with cinnamon and sugar, sliced banana
Lunch: 3 small triangles baked potato & egg quiche (3 baked potatoes smashed on the bottom of a baking dish covered with parchment paper, topped with 10 beaten eggs chopped chives, wild onions, celery, sweet pepper & salt ) and tossed salad (leaf lettuce, cucumber and chives/wild onions)
Snack: Celery sticks
Dinner: Baked potato topped with chili (tomato sauce, chili powder, chives/wild onions, celery, sweet pepper, navy beans, barley)
Left over ingredients: barley and salt

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