Monday, September 5, 2011

Amber Piles of Grain

The three bags in the upper right of the picture are filled with the wheat I've separated so far. It is easy but very time consuming to separate the wheat by hand. I winnowed what I had this morning as it is cool and breezy outside. My current stores are 12lbs of grain, with an estimated 19lbs yet to process. There are a couple pounds of oats that need processed too.

Also pictured (top right, going counterclockwise,) 4 jars of apples in light syrup, 4 jars of dill pickles, 3 jars bread & butter pickles, some salted fish, 4 jars of blackberry jam, and 1 jar of whole peeled tomatoes.

In regards to foraging - I went out hunting at Spencer Lake, my favorite local hunting and fishing spot. There was a ranger there who was scolding a couple of hunters, I don't know what for. When he was done I told him about us getting kicked out of the metroparks for picking blackberries and asked if it was permitted there. He told me that picking berries, nuts, and mushrooms were permitted in the Spencer Lake wildlife area. It is good to know for sure that we have an area legal for foraging!

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