Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cash Monies

I haven't spent all of ours yet and don't plan to until I really need it. Jessica and I get $13 for the challenge. So far I have purchased 1lb yeast ($2.34) 1 26oz can salt ($.39) 1 5lb bag of sugar ($2.69) and 1 gallon vinegar ($1.99) - $7.41 so far. Pickling with Kathy used up 2-1/2 lbs of white sugar, 1lb maple sugar, and almost half of my bottle of vinegar. She took the spices and salt out of her expenses to make it even. The last $5.59 will be spent as sparingly as possible - the only thing I plan to spend on at this point is buying some ginger to make real ginger ale. I'll probably need some more staples such as sugar and salt too.

I do not feel very confident that any of use will make it to March 15th. The last challenge was a week and we had huge piles of food. This challenge is 10x as long and I don't feel our stores are going to be enough. Only time will tell!


  1. I have plenty of salt if you want any! You still have to turn in some of those sugar $!

  2. Your sugar bucks will probably land in the hands of the Jacksons, in trade for eggs! Isn't currency awesome!

  3. Credit $2.34 for the yeast I bartered for on 10/13 instead of buying, then charge off $2.69 for a new bag of sugar and $.45 for salt (the price went up.) Cash account balance $4.79.