Monday, September 5, 2011


We've had some trades agreed to that have not been published here, so here they go.

I collected a big old pile of wheat. Separating it takes forever. I did some calculations and the grain weight is approximately 80% of the bulk weight of the grain heads. I offered 20oz of unprocessed wheat for SB1.50 (which should yield out 1lb when finished), and will mill the wheat once separated. Kathy and Todd took 10lbs, Sharon took 5lbs, and Therese took 4lbs.

I owed Sharon SB4 for previous work she did helping me in the garden. She paid me SB3.50 (well she paid me SB4, because she didn't make a 1/2 buck bill. So now I owe her SB.50)

I also traded 6oz roasted ground chicory to Kathy for SB5. We agreed on another trade for 1 gross of eggs for SB2.25 per dozen. She delivered 9 dozen yesterday. So as of now I owe the Jacksons SB.25, with another 3 dozen eggs yet to be delivered.

Therese (AKA Mom, AKA The Turtle) has yet to take delivery on her wheat, I hope to drop it off this evening. She has also yet to embrace the idea of SugarBucks, and wants to make trades right away to settle things. I've agreed to take grapes in trade for the wheat I am delivering.


  1. Thanks for the trade. I just finished making my grapes into more grape juice. I also made another batch of applesauce. I more small batch of apples to go!!!! Then I start on the wheat.

  2. Man there's a lot of grapes here! I better figure out what I'm going to do with them all!