Monday, September 19, 2011

Lettuce Pray

The lettuce in the strawberry patch is quite small - although my prayers are focused on what I will be able to freeze for the challenge. When I wake up every morning, I can't wait for the daylight so that I can discover new awesome harvest in the garden. The first picture is the lettuce which is still quite small. The second picture is two 12 foot rows of sugar snap peas. Every day, I examine for the first hint of a blossom - none yet but I know they are there somewhere - just waiting to explode out and make me VERY happy. The last picture is two baby butternut squash. I planted two butternut squash plants which had wonderful blossom and promised a bountiful harvest. But alas, the deer found the plants and chomped off most of the blossoms. On their repeat visits, they munched off the baby squash. I am trying to figure out a cage system to save these two. Maybe I just have to claim them! Okay deer family - these two are for my family!!! That should do it!

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