Sunday, September 25, 2011

Being Vegan and Beyond

As a continuation of my previous post, the 5 day vegan diet went fairly well. I ate leftovers days 2 -4. I doctored up the barely edible corn soup to a delicious spicy black bean soup, scouped out a majority of the boiled onions added a can of black beans, chili spices and a banana pepper that my coworker gave me from her garden - yum! yum!

I had an extremely busy work week so I think being on the vegan diet was beneficial. We had a stash of licorice, pretzles, brownies, cider donuts which I was able to avoid. I did go out for Starbucks soy chai a of couple days to get away from the office (After consuming it, I'm wondering if contained honey??). I also had a soy dark chocolate mocha from Caribou (looking back does their dark chocolate have any dairy in it?) Its very surprising looking at labels and finding eggs, dairy, honey in many unsuspecting foods. Skimming the label it may say no dairy but the product will contain eggs. And then there are always mystery items that you have no idea what that was made from. Being vegan takes a lot of research, knowledge, awareness, and the list goes on and on.

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