Friday, September 2, 2011

My $10 "Allowance"

I've thought long and hard about how to spend my $10 "Allowance." This is what I've come up with. It is "subject to change" along the way.

Cupboard items at the time of the ruling:

I have 1/2 bottle of vinegar. Full price at the store for that particular bottle - no sale - no coupons is $1.99. So, $1.00 of my allowance will be that vinegar.

I froze 1 stick of butter. The whole pound is $4.39. So, $1.10 of my allowance is the butter.

I had 5 pounds of sugar. I figure I will use half. Cost at the store $2.99. So, $1.50 of my allowance is the sugar.

I have about 1/2 jar of soup base paste. The jar costs $5.40. I figure I will use 1/4 of the jar. So, $1.35 of my allowance will be the soup base.

I had balsamic vinegar - I haven't priced that yet but I'm thinking I'll use 1/2 of what I have. So, I'm putting a price of $1.50 on that.

That's $6.45 from the cupboard

I bought small bag of brown rice for $.78, and a small bottle of oil for $1.28. Total new purchases $2.06.

Lastly, Sharon is purchasing $1.25 worth of cornmeal for me.

Bringing my total to $9.76. So, that's how my $10.00 will be spent as of this moment.


  1. You should probably put the vinegar aside so I don't eat it on my salads at family dinner :). The cornmeal is $.79 per lb in bulk so you will get well over a pound with the $1.25. I thought we could use a cheaper rate when calculating at home items. For example, if you find a lb of butter for $3.00 you can use that price divided by your quantity (1/4 is the minimum). Also, I found some spices at Ollies for $.69. So if you have one of those spices at home and say you are planning on using half, $.35 would be charged against your allowance. So you may still have some wiggle room if you do some more comparison pricing.

  2. I thought this vote was over spices, not everything in the kitchen!

    Who is this Olly! I want $.69 spices!