Thursday, September 15, 2011

Historical Vegan Diet

Starting this Sunday, for 5 days I am going to be following a historical vegan diet. This mini challenge is inspired by Sarah Lohman and her blog Four Pounds Flour She is currently doing a 5 day vegan challenge. While reviewing the recipes in the 2 books suggested by Sarah, most of the ingredients in those recipes mirror what will be availabe to us for our 2012 challenge. I will be preparing everything on Sunday so I will be ready to go for the week. Details to follow.


  1. I hope you are going to share some of your recipes. YUMMY!!!

  2. Although it can be hard to stick to, a vegan diet allows you to lose weight without ever feeling hungry. A vegan diet is a diet which doesn't allow any animal products, which includes all meat - even fish - and all dairy, which excludes milk and cheese and all processed food products with milk and cheese in them. Some vegans don't even consume honey, since it comes from bees. Although a vegan diet can seem very restrictive, it opens up a broad range of nutritious dishes that most non-vegans wouldn't normally see in their diets.

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