Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Plantings (Done in Turtle Time)

Pictured below is the section of the "Turtle's" garden dedicated to late summer plantings. I'm not certain how much of a harvest we'll have - but it was worth the effort to be able to eat during the winter. The first picture is a series of summer squash planted in the "weed" pile at the back corner of the garden. The area is near two large maple trees and there are too many roots in the ground to be able to plant successfully. So, when I saw the pile of yard waste getting higher, I thought I'd give it a try. The second picture is the last planting - green beans galore! The third and fourth pictures are the entire fall garden. I planted three rows of peas, four rows of pea pods, summer squash, two rows and a spiral of green beans, three types of beets (two rows each), four rows of carrots, two rows of lettuce, four small patches plus numerous random plantings of kale, two rows of turnips and quick growing red cabbage (turning out to be VERY slow growing!)

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