Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vegan Diet - The Finale

By the 5th day I was done with eating left overs. I decided that this day would be eating vegan from a modern perspective. I dug out a banana pancake recipe from the Skinny Bitch book by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. Ingredients are pictured - whole wheat flour, maple syrup, baking powder, coconut butter, almond milk, vanilla and a banana. Results also pictured - the pancakes were delicious and very filling! I made a total of 4 pancakes so I warmed the last 2 for breakfast on Friday.

In the morning of day 5 I walked up to Good N Raw Cafe right down the street from my house to get lunch. They are well stocked with ready made raw vegan selections. I got kale chips and vegan "chicken" salad made with nuts and lots of other animal friendly ingredients. I made a sandwich for lunch on sprouted grain bread and topped with tomato and snacked on kale chips. Dinner ended up being a glass of fruit juice because I had dental work done.

While writing this post, I'm celebrating the end of my vegan week at Root Cafe, a little vegetarian cafe in Lakewood. I opted for a vegan organic whoopie pie and cup of pumpkin coffee with sugar and cinnamon, no cream.


  1. Sharon - how difficult was it for you to stick to this diet - and - do you think that your recipes/experience will help during the challenge? Also - I know very little about vegan earing - noticed in your previous post you mentioned avoiding honey - is that because it is considered an animal product?

  2. Oh - I meant to say the banana pancakes look delicious!

  3. Since the honey is produced by bees it is not vegan. I believe one of the ethical reasons has to do with commercialization (breeding bees specifically to produce more, killing them, etc.).
    Getting back to tying this into the challenge. Yes, I do believe that following a restricted plant based diet definitely gave me a feel for what the challenge will be like. First of all, being prepared with meals and snacks on hand. The challenge is going to be more difficult because we have to bring food with us to work or if we're on the go. If we're out running errands, we won't have the luxury of stopping and picking something up. It also gave me ideas for food prep - what will work and what won't work with the ingredients that I have. I made challenge legal tomato beet soup from one of the vegan recipes I made. Good point to tie the veganism into the challenge.

  4. Hey vegans - if you want to call it 'chicken' salad make it out of chickens! There's nothing dumber than fake meat.

  5. Just baking powder and no baking soda in the pancakes?