Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Do Vegans Eat?

The picture says it all! Vegans have lots of choices! It became clear once I had a majority of the ingredients for my recipes out on the table. I stepped back and said wow! That's a lot of food!!

I shopped at 4 different stores to get all the ingredients. Instead of plain bread crumbs (which all had dairy in them) I bought matzo meal (which is just whole wheat flour and water). I also bought Kitchen Basics veggie stock because some of the others had honey in them.

I started out Sunday morning with a bowl of oatmeal and raw sugar with a side of grape/apple juice.

Then I moved onto 2 recipes in Rupert Wheldons book before going to yoga, date biscuits and corn soup.

The date biscuits were very simple - wheat flour, sugar, peanut butter, dates and water. All mixed and baked for 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven! Very delicious too! I packed these in baggies and put them in the fridge to enjoy as a mid morning snack.

The corn soup turned out pretty bad. It's basically water, canned tomatoes, corn and onions. It had a strong flavor of boiled onions and was pretty bland, but I ate it for lunch with a couple slices of bread from the multigrain baguette.

After lunch I made one more recipe from No Animal Food - Apple Cake. This is okay, not the best apple cake I've ever had. The recipe calls for white flour and I used wheat so I'm not sure if that would have made a difference.

The second book that I cooked from was Vegan Recipes by Fay Henderson. I made Rice Pudding which was pretty good , but not the usual creamy cinnamony sweet I'm used to made with milk and white rice and extra sugar.

I also made the tomato soup for part of dinner which has beetroot. The color of this soup is so beautiful and rich! It is delicious although another soup where the onion was overpowering (I'm wondering if I need to try a different type of onion) This was worth making as a challenge item since I had beets and tomatoes from the garden.

Also for dinner I made the lentil layer dish. Good, but again too oniony. I was done with onions for the day!!

Yesterday I had leftovers for breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day. For after-dinner dessert I went back to No Animal Food and made a baked banana. I mashed it and topped it with some brown sugar - delicious. For dinner, I cooked from Vegan Recipes. I made the nut roast, good but a little dry so I whipped up some portobello mushroom gravy . I also made Autumn Salad which has cabbage, beets, apple, mint, nuts and lemon juice. This was very sour and hard to eat!

Today, I'm eating more leftovers - the rest of the tomato beet soup, apple bread, rice pudding & date biscuits.

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  1. Ugh being a vegan sounds taxing! That is a lot of foods that need a good slice of beef on the side! Try a Polish apple for your onion dishes!