Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Proposed Twist To The Challenge

Ok, every survivor game has a twist. How about a points system? Here's how it will work:

We all start on Jan 2nd with 100 points. For every day that we follow all the rules we get a point added on to our total. If we "cheat" points are deducted from the total as follows:
1 cheat item (no size limit) consumed in one sitting, minus 10 points - this can be a steak, a cup of coffee, 1 beer or glass of wine, a prepared sandwich or salad, a burrito from Moe's, etc. It all has to be consumed in one sitting and can only be one item. If you eat 1/2 burrito and save it for later, that will be considered 2 items and 20 points. If you get the chips and salsa with the burrito, you have to count that as a meal.
1 cheat meal, minus 25 points - this can be one meal plus beverages or a special occasion at a restaurant, at home or a friend's house. Any amount of items for that one meal, no to go boxes or that will count as another meal and another 25 points.
1 cheat day, minus 50 points (eliminating the free day, this will give us 2 cheat days as long as we accumulate points along the way).
If someone hits zero, then they're out. The last man standing or the person with the most points come March wins.
If this method is agreed up, I can put together a sheet for us to track our points.
So what do you say??


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  2. Okay - I added a comment that didn't make sense so I removed it. I love your idea. So, for every ten days we are totally legal - we get 1 cheat item? That sounds great - I think we should vote.

  3. You accumulate 1 point every day you don't cheat. I was also thinking bonus points for making it a certain number of days with no cheating. We can all talk about it next family dinner and vote if necessary.

  4. No! This is totally not what this challenge is about! You're getting away from the whole principal of the thing!

  5. Our reasons and purpose for doing the challenge are all different. Surely the MOMARCHY can come up with a compromise :)

  6. The purpose of the challenge was set before we started - to see how long you can make it as a settler who is trying to survive the winter on stored foods. What you're making it into with this is no longer about that idea. NO POINTS!