Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where Do I Start?

I've got a lot to say and only an hour to get it done before heading off to work.

I'll start with some past successes and failures.


I made and froze 7 soybean patties from a recipe in Gene Logsdon's book Small Scale Grain Raising. Ingredients and results pictured!


This is one of my favorites, tomatoes, peppers, corn, potatoes, chive, garlic, whatever I have. So far I have 3 little batches. I will most likely combine all the mini batches into a big batch and add soybeans and serve over rice. This should make a few good meals :)

Tomato Sauce
This can go in both successes and failures. The first batch that I made for mom and me turned out wonderfully. The second batch for mom, Mark and me was not as good because the tomatoes were not ripe enough. I made another small batch on Sunday for the 3 of us which turned out better.


I cooked cabbage and a bunch of other misc items from the garden and added 1 TBS of salt. It turned out terrible and I ended up throwing it out. I'm not sure why I added so much salt. It seems when I'm tired I don't make very wise cooking decisions. (too horrible looking to show, although I did take a picture).


The freezer was very unorganized and one of the containers of layered "stuffed" cabbage came crashing down and the plastic shattered.

All in all the successes have outweighed the failures. Details in the next post.

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