Wednesday, September 28, 2011

General Update

A miscellany of things to post, nothing so important as to warrant its own post.

The garden in Akron is fading. I still have corn growing, carrots, one big arugula plant, and one summer squash that fell from someone's pocket. There is also a watermelon the size of a water baloon, I don't have much hope that it will make it to an edible size. Something is happening to my tomato plants there. There are no ripe tomatoes, there are no rotten tomatoes on the ground. Parts of it look either broken off or eaten off. At any rate it is producing 0 tomatoes. I picked a few corns today.

I have tomatoes a plenty growing at Therese's house (thanks, Mom, for the great birthday present!) And a handful of bean plants growing in my own yard (along with radishes that will probably light my mouth on fire.)

Speaking of tomatoes, I canned a bunch last week (plain.) Now I am cooking the under-ripe ones (which have in the meantime ripened) into tomato sauce. Tomatoes, garlic, basil, salt. I plan to freeze some of the sweet corn i picked today as well.

This past weekend I met a darling couple, Pete and Joann Hopkins. They are the parents of my friend Erin. They have a few nice acres with a pond and some woods. We hiked around their property. Erin found some wild onions down by the creek. I found some field mint growing near the pond and a black walnut tree. They have a chestnut tree as well. There is supposedly a cherry tree somewhere around too but we couldn't get to it because of a deadfall in our way (not that there would be any cherries now.) I sat around and fished for a good long while, catching nothing but some rays.

I hope to get enough work done tomorrow that I can head out for a forage this Friday. Anyone who wants to play hookey, meet me at spencer lake!


  1. Good post bro! My garden is winding down too! Can't play hookey on friday, too much to do at work!

  2. I would love to join you except I have to work. Too bad it is going to be cold and rainy on Saturday. I don't leave for work until 2:00 and I would be open to fishing and/or foraging if the weather looked more promising. My garden is looking really good. I see some of the beets have developed root balls and the first August planting of peas has an abundance of blossoms. The beans are looking good as well. There are still plenty of green tomoatoes. The butternut squash has all of a sudden gone into producing squash (they are still very small).