Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bear Foraged for Peanut Butter Sandwich - Can We?

Okay - so Sharon and I saw a story on the news this morning. The bear in the story entered a car to forage for peanut butter and jelly. Since this whole challenge is based on a bear, we were thinking that since the bear can do it - so can we!!! Please see link below for the full story:

Just sayin' - it seems like any foraging should be "legal."


  1. But you'll get charged with B&E...

  2. Hey, on this note, Yogi bear used to eat picnic baskets full of food... If we go to the park and forage for picnics, does that count?
    Oooohhh, and remember that bear at Arrowmont that tried to steal the food right off the BBQ grill? lol *winks*

  3. I know where this is all leading. That dumpster full of cakes.