Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 2 Meal Summary

I was so hungry this morning and mom suggested that I eat an egg (I was trying to stretch out the food, so I didn't want to eat the eggs). Mom had a valid point in saying that we can't starve ourselves by trying not to run out of food. If we run out of food, then we stop the challenge. At that point, I was ready to polish off all the reserves for breakfast and return to "normal" eating.

1 Egg omlet with
spinach, chicken (cheat item 2), chives & tomato
cooked in olive oil (cheat item 1)

2 plums
roasted soybeans

Swiss chard roll-ups
I put chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, chives and drizzled a little olive oil (I made a mixture yesterday with wild garlic and lemon thyme) in the center of the swiss chard and rolled it up.

Leftover soup from yesterday with chicken added
Dried apricots (I soaked them in water a bit to soften them up)

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