Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lunch and Dinner, day 5

I have been very busy all day preserving the blueberries we picked the other day! I made jams, blueberry butter, syrup, and frozen blueberries. Whew. I am going to enjoy their sweetness all winter long!
Needless to say, I was snacking on blueberries as I went, but also enjoyed the chili Sharon made, 1/2 at lunch time and 1/2 at dinner.

I've finished preserving the blueberries... now tomorrow I've got to work on those apples! And tomorrow evening I'm going blackberry picking again. I'm the berry queen. :o)


  1. Ahhhhh - This summer you were able to add many hats to your Sneelock connection - The Berry Queen and the Plant Manager - just to name a couple. You are an A-MA-Zing women!

  2. I got a taste of that chili when I stopped over last night - it was pretty good!