Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Turtle's Salad and Dressings for Challenge Feast

Sarah - I got the idea that you like a nice presentation. In honor of your support - my contribution for the feast tonight is a flower salad and two types of dressings. To my surprise, when I pulled the image of the salad into my post, I could see the image of a turtle (totally unplanned). I think it was challenge magic. Or maybe it was Markgic. Do you see it? (I guess it isn't too easy to see - so I'll help. The turtle's head is at the left of the picture. It is a lettuce leaf and it looks like the mouth is open. The rest of the salad is a shell and the tail is sticking out at the right hand side.) I laughed really hard! In my first post to the blog, I called myself a turtle. What an appropriate image for the celebration tonight.
The salad contains greens and yellow squash from Mark-it day, tomatoes, cucumbers and marigolds. The dressings are apricot & apple and blackberry, apple & stevia.

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