Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dinner, Day 2

I really don't know how you vegetarians do it - I've gone 1 day sans meat and I can feel the effects. I can't wait until tomorrow night for stuffed cabbages!

We went to a birthday party, filled with beer and wings and sandwiches. I had spinach salad and potato pancakes - not quite the same. I'm eating more now, as I feel a bit shaky, and eating the left over soup from lucnch as well.

Potato Pancakes with Clover Flour
5-6 small potatoes
2 eggs
clover flour (to consistency)

No real magic here, shredded the potatoes, added 2 eggs and then dumped clover flour (maybe a cup?) in until it was the right consistency. I milled the flour this morning, from the flower heads I traded for on market day. I fried them in the pan using the rendered goose fat, which looks like a delicious little scoop of butter. I remember when I used to eat dairy, back 2 days ago...oh the good old days... I topped them off with a little applesauce.

The salad had New Zealand spinach, cucumbers, a few small tomato bits, oregano, basil, and apricot syrup (made by tossing a pile of apricots into a crock pot and then taking the clear juice off.) The iced tea I made was probably one of the best culinary creations so far, which is to say I'll probably never make it again after this week. But I've made it through 2 days, no cheating yet and I haven't even picked a cheat item!

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