Thursday, July 22, 2010


Here it is - 7+ months of food accrued for this project. I am going in to market day with;

Dent Corn 9.00lbs
Cooked Mulberries 4.50lbs
Apricot Sauce (pitcher) 3.25lbs
Dried Soybeans 3.40lbs
1/2 Canada Goose 2.75lbs
Yellow Summer Squash 1.95lbs
Black Walnut Meats 1.60lbs
Cabbage 1.40lbs
Bunch Lettuce .80lbs
Frozen Spinach .75lbs
Goose Neck .75lbs
Cucumbers .60lbs
Basswood Greens .50lbs
Ground Meat .50lbs
Frozen Green Beans .35lbs
Fresh Green Beans .30lbs
Goose Fat .10lbs
Radishes .10lbs
Baby Potatoes .10lbs
Apricots .10lbs
Oregano .10lbs
Wild Carrots .05lbs
Roasted Chicory Root .05lbs
Salted Squirrel Meat .05lbs
Mulberry Wine 5-12oz bottles
Salted Preserves 3-16oz jars
Soy Nuts 2/3rds 16oz jar
Apricot Syrup 1-8oz bottle
Mulberry Syrup 1-2oz bottle
6 Small Dried Cayenne Peppers
Burdock Root

So I'll start with somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40lbs of food. Several foods (corn, soybeans) expand greatly when cooked so I don't think there will be any threat of starvation. Our meat supply is not very big so I'm hoping to get along with some soups or stews to stretch it out through the week. I'll be bringing mostly the high-volume foods with me to the market tonight (corn, soybeans, etc.) but if any of you see something you'd like to have I'm open to the possibilities.

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  1. "Several foods (corn, soybeans) expand greatly when cooked so I don't think there will be any threat of starvation."

    Keep in mind Volume does not nececaraly equal nutritional value. Please all of you be sure to watch for any nutritinal problems, I know one week isn't lng enough for really bad stuff. But be mindfull of low energy due to intake. Even driving can become dangerous if you get hungry enough long enough.

    And don't forget to drink plenty of water. If you cut back your food intake too much you also could end up dehydrating, you'd be suprised how much water you get from your food.