Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm looking over... a four-leaf Oxalis

This lovely little weed, which many people mistake for clover, is actually a member of the Oxalis family, also known as wood sorrel.
It has a zesty, lemony flavor, and can be used to help flavor all sorts of culinary dishes ranging from salads to soups, breads, and baked dishes.
A few years ago on a weed-and-feed adventure at the Richfield Tavern, we were fed a lovely cream soup featuring wood sorrel.
It is growing all over my garden at Mom's house... so I will be adding it to my diet on challenge week for recipes that call for lemon and to give a bit of tartness and interesting flavor to dishes!

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  1. I wish I would have kept the notes from that lovely weed and feed dinner at the Tavern. They would really be handly right now!