Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 5 Dinner

Please notice the tomato in the upper right hand corner of my dinner. After I took the picture I noticed it looked like a smiley face. Probably we are all happy that challenge week is progressing smoothly (kind of) and that it is almost over.

My dinner consisted of a chicken salad made with swiss chard, chicken (which I heated in the roast chicken drippings), roma tomato, pea pods, cucumber, and leaf lettuce. I also had some mulberry cobbler and zucchini cake along with mint tea.

On a side note - this was supposed to be my lunch. I got a visual migraine while I was preparing so I put the food in a container and took it to work for supper. The visual migraine was spectacular! I took two aspirins and rested with a pillow over my eyes. The colors and patterns were very vivid and beautiful. I enjoyed the slide show and it went away pretty quickly. If you've never had one, it is like a flashing lights in a zig-zag, it could be a line or in this case it was a large C shape that took up most of my line of vision. I guess sometimes they are just gray or like a shadow. Mine had wonderful orange, turquoise and some other vivid colors. I haven't had one for 30 years. I used to panic about them and it would last a long time. This time I just loved it away. This challenge has been such an extreme diet change for me that I think my body is really making some adjustments. When I'm not having these mini-healing crisis situations I feel really great!

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