Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 5 Breakfast

I'm eating breakfast a little later today because it's difficult to get throught the evening at work without eating a snack. Last night a co-worker offered me a big piece of cherry pie with a crumb topping. He's been telling me about this pie for months and promised to bring a sample. Well - I did it!!!! I was able to pass it up! Today is our ice cream social at work. You know how much I like ice cream???? Yesterday, the ice cream truck was passing when I went outside. The temptations are everywhere.

Anyway, back to breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with tomatoes and chives, applesauce and blueberries along with a nice glass of Sharon's mint iced tea. I'm saving my chicory coffee for tomorrow's breakfast. Thanks again Mark for the chicory!


  1. you are amazing! I don't think i could have passed up those temptation. I have such respect for you for sticking to the challenge!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I made it through the ice cream social as well. I'm glad I'm not going to work tonight because someone promised to bring in fresh baked cookies. I still have one more day to eat challenge food because of my later start.