Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breakfast and Lunch Day 7

For breakfast I just had a bit of sauteed cabbage (leftovers from what I shredded yesterday)

I was busy this morning preparing my wonderful lunch.

I made pizza with a sprouted wheatberry crust. I just processed the wheatberries in the food processor. I spread it out on a cookie sheet and baked it at 255 degrees flipped it over then moved the temp up to 270 because I had finish up to make it to work on time. I topped it with olive oil, tomatoes, wild garlic, chives and spinach (I sauteed them all in a pan on the stove).

I also made some more roasted soybeans but I burned them (Mark, you are right, they do taste awful burned). I snacked on them anyway in the morning.

Just before the pizza was delivered to work for lunch, I had black raspberries as a little snack (I forgot that I had them in the freezer until yesterday). They were so delicious and sweet, I was very satisfied so the pizza did not bother me. Besides, I heated up my own pizza in the toaster over and it was fabulous! I also had a little side salad with lettuces, cherry tomatoes and olive oil.

Then, shortly before everyone ate the DQ Reeses cake, I had the dried blueberries - they were awesome.

I made it through the day!!

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