Friday, July 23, 2010

Dinner, Day 1

I'm taking dinner on the road tonight - Jessica has a family obligation (which will include dinner) and I am meeting the Jacksons for some food fun in the park.

Here is dinner day 1 - squirrel stew, corn cakes, and plums.

Squirrel Stew
Meat from a squirrel (rib section, doesn't include legs)
2 carrots
1 potato
sage leaf
1/4 cup meal corn, cooked
1/4 cup soybeans, cooked
1-1/2 pints water

Put water in pot, add vegetables and meat on medium heat. Cook until the potatoes are soft; mix cornflour in a small cup of water, turn burner up to high and add cup to pot. stir while heating, allowing the stew to thicken.

I always cheat when I make stew and add cornstarch to thicken it, since the starch is some part of the cornmeal I just added it all.

The soybeans and cooked corn were leftover examples from market day last night, I might as well add them to something.

The corn cakes were made using sage and basil and adding an egg to the recipe this morning - I used a lot less water too.

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