Friday, July 16, 2010

Stalking the wild garlic

Todd and I stopped at the park today to check on the wild blackberries we (Todd, Sharon, Mark, Therese and I) are planning to forage (they aren't ready yet, by the way)... and to grab some wild garlic. We have lots of it to trade for the challenge, and plan to go back a little later in the season to get enough for our winter home use. No more buying garlic for me!
We also have LOTS of seeds to share (top picture) for anyone who wants to grow some next year. We had already transplanted some from Grandma's house into our garden, and planted seeds then... so we should have enough growing next year to satisfy our garlic needs!
This challenge is certainly making me more aware of what is available for free in my area instead of having to spend money at the store!
Tomorrow, we are going foraging for weeds and possibly apples... it's amazing how much food is available at our fingertips!

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