Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 4 - Dinner

My day four dinner consists of:
*Roast chicken
*Sliced cucumbers
*Salad (Lettuce we traded for with Mark on Mark-it day, tomatoes, and a dressing made of the leftover humous and roast chicken drippings)
*Potato pancakes (One egg, some small potatoes from the garden and a couple of chives)
*Applesauce with a sprig of spearmint (Which I chopped up and added to the applesauce before I ate it.)

It was very delicious!


  1. Your table settings always look so lovely

  2. I thought that Mark-it Day was appropriate since we are in a Demarkracy. I thought about Mark-eat Day but that didn't fit quite right since Mark wasn't eating everything. Since he had us mark the day on our calendars for the beginning of the challenge - I thought Mark-it worked best. All this good food is making me a little goofy. ;o)