Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day two dinner and a cheat...

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted for dinner last night, so I thought I'd start with a salad. I used some of my buttercrunch lettuce, a small ripe slicing tomato, a couple of small beets, and a handful of fresh pea pods.
Then, the power went out. For blocks around us. After about 1/2 hour, we drove around a bit, and discovered that whole chunks of the neighborhood had no power. Was this like the power outage a few years ago? How long would it be out? Dare we open the refrigerator?
The house quickly heated up, with no air conditioning, only one small window and the front door to offer any hint of a breeze... no lights... hot, sticky, yuck. You get the picture.
The cosmic brownies in the other room were burning their images into our minds. Like the governor of a state, our house governor, Todd, called a state of emergency. So we ate the brownies, and some pringles too.
Fortunately, the power came back on around midnight, so this morning we're back on track. The house is cooler, the fridge is available, and the brownies are mostly gone. :o)

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