Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food for The Feast!

Here are my contributions to the feast - bean cakes, polenta with mulberry syrup, and spicy cabbage stir-fry with goose.

The stir-fry was just like the one last night, only I added kohlrabi this time. I used the rest of my garlic and goose in this recipe.

The polenta set up into a nice pudding-like form; it tastes like, well not much like anything, so I figure some mulberry syrup will give it a good flavor.

The bean cakes, we talked about those at lunch. Go look back at it.

I'll be taking a few other raw ingredients along with me, and leaving my corona mill behind for others to use. I cannot describe to you the excitement over this project's conclusion, and my anticipated immersion back into the food mainstream!

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