Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breakfast, day 5

I was working on making masa harina (basically, tortilla flour) this morning, and came across a website that talked about all kinds of different uses for corn and how to process it. One of the suggestions was grits made from ground corn. Since I already had ground corn from market day, I decided to try some (I ordinarily eat grits, just the instant kind with LOTS of butter). I boiled some water, and threw in some corn meal (both of unknown quantities... I'm not really a measuring kind of cook) and boiled it like oatmeal until the water was pretty much gone.
It had a kind of sour taste, which adding salt helped with... but definately could have used some butter. Also the taste was no where near the instant grits I normally choose...
And I probably wouldn't make this again, but it was pretty filling.
I also enjoyed a cup of chicory "coffee," which I've been having daily but keep forgetting to write about.

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