Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lunch, Day 2

Well, I cheated at lunch by using olive oil to cook with. But with no butter and no other way to ensure a good meal out of it, I felt the olive oil was justified. :o)
I made potato pancakes.
I went to mom (Therese) and Sharon's house and dug up some of my Yukon Gold potatoes, grabed a couple sprigs of chives that are growing in my herb garden, threw in a couple cloves of garlic and an egg, and mixed it all together in the food processor... then fried them up in some olive oil. It was the best meal I've had thus far on the challenge, and I still feel satisfied three hours later. Probably because of all the carbs or something, but whatever.
The Yukon Gold potatoes actually make a phenomenal potato pancake... because they're so naturally butter flavored, they do not lack anything when they are plain!

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