Monday, July 26, 2010

Sprouting Queen

The sprouts are plentiful! Here are some recipes where I was able to use them:

Sprouted grain flat bread (can also be used as a pizza crust):

Sprouted wheat berries
Broccoli sprouts
Red clover sprouts

I put the sprouts and chives in the food processor then sifted a little cornmeal into the mixture. I made round pressed circular shapes on a cookie sheet with olive oil and cornmeal (for Mark's I just used cornmeal on a separate baking sheet). I baked at 255 degrees then flipped them over after a while and cooked on the other side.

It was very crunchy right when it came out of the oven and tasted like grape nuts. Today it was much softer.

Sprouted Chic-Pea Humus:

Sprouted Garbanzo Beans
Sprouted Sunflower Seeds
Wood Sorrel
Wild Garlic
Olive Oil
A Little Water

Processed all ingredients in a food processor.

Sprouted Lentil Chili
I made this tonight. I offered Kathy a trade for all the ripe tomatoes in her garden for a couple ears of corn and some of the chili.

Sprouted Lentils
Wild Garlic

I cooked all the above on the stove on low heat, adding the lentils and corn last.

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