Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 4 Breakfast & Lunch

I wanted to tackle Katelynn and steal her french fries. But I didn't. Not even one. :o)
Breakfast today was a big bowl of sweet black- and blue- berries.
Lunch, brought to me by Sharon, was a sprouted sort of bread and hummus. Super yummy.

On a side note, for those out there watching... there is, in fact, plenty of food in my opinion. You just have to eat a lot of it to feel full (or eat often) because it's all so low-cal. I, personally, eat a LOT of breads, pastas and potatoes in my normal diet, so having these sort of filling foods mostly out of the picture is the bigger challenge for me.

Plus, I love sweets, so now having nice sweet berries is filling that void.

Also, to anyone out there who's ever been on a diet... I am so sorry. I'm having some small taste of what that must be like this week...

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  1. Good observation about this week and dieting. Since I've dieted about half of my life (the other half has been the reverse) I also had the thought of how much this felt like dieting. Thanks for noticing!