Saturday, July 24, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Grass GardenIf I were a cow, I'd be set for the challenge, my grasses growing well, enough to satiate my hunger for at least a meal or two. I could live off my abundant bent grasses and moo happily.

Despite my size, I am not a cow, and unfortunately, I'm one of the families who won't be participating in the challenge... this year. I'd put a lot of thought into it, and even planned extensively. There would be weekly harvests of radishes, abundant herbs, carrots, lettuces, corn and potatoes.

While the grasses are healthy and beautiful, you can see by the picture on the left, that I simply don't get enough sunlight in my postage stamp of a yard to even justify an attempt of killing a few thousand seeds that simply don't get enough light. Why? Well, see for yourself the view a plant from my garden would, and you'll see why:

Reason for no garden.
There simply isn't enough straight sunlight in my yard, and even with that slight bit of light filtering through, I very likely wouldn't have been able to grow much of anything that would both sustain and maintain us through the challenge. My cheat item would very likely have become pizza or Giant Eagle or Burger King, not something in the spirit of the challenge. I also cannot justify cutting down this magnificent tree, likely a hundred years old, simply so that I could selfishly grow a garden. Without anywhere to plant three trees to replace the one I'd cut down, my options were unfortunately limited... for this year.

Good luck to Mark, Sharon, Kathy, Terese, Todd, Katelynn, Sarah and Jessica. Wish I could be doing it along side you. But, like we say here in Cleveland: There's always next year!

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