Monday, January 9, 2012

All New Week, All New Recipes

I began with the organ meats from the turkey - kidneys and liver. I was going to make a recipe from my favorite cookbook with the kidneys last night but I had already used some of my precious oil in preparing the rabbit. I put it in the fridge overnight, and woke up with a bit of inspiration this morning.

I boiled the liver this morning, shredded both of them on a very fine cheese shredder, added 1tbs milk, 2tsp cream cheese, 1 clove garlic (also shredded) salt and parsley. I mashed them together with a fork until I had one well blended patty. Now I have a delicious spread for crackers or bread!

Compared to the last challenge, I feel I have hit a lot of home-runs with recipes so far. The turkey soup, this spread, Sharon's pizza, all these turned out better than the normal fare I would typically eat. Sure this whole process is labor intensive and the blogging takes up a bit of the day (and the dishes...), but I am cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and really enjoying the experience. Once the selection of foods dwindles I may have a few other choice words for this project. As for now, I find myself quite content.

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