Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pierogis: Part 1

Here are the first few pierogis made grandma's way. So you start with a good amount of flour and one egg. Then add enough water so it is like pancake batter. Then gradually add flour until it is not sticky and you can roll it out. Take sections of the dough (remembering to cover the unused portion so it doesn't dry out) and roll it out; then cut into squares, add filling, fold over, pinch closed and then put them in boiling water. Once they float to the top they are finished (we waited a couple extra minutes since the dough was thick since we were using whole wheat flour). Rinse cooked pierogis with cool water. Grandma tops them with butter and onions. We left them plain.

This first batch was a little rough, grainy and the dough was hard to work with. That's when Mark had the brilliant idea to get the pasta queen involved.

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