Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Two and Three Meals

I'm thinking that I'll probably have the same menu both today and tomorrow, with a little variation. I also had some applesauce with jelly when I got home last night because I was just a tiny bit FAMISHED!!!!Breakfast consisted of three potato pancakes, blackberry applesauce with a dollop of grape jelly and mint tea.

Lunch will consist of orange glazed carrots (made with the apricots I had left from last year's challenge and the carrots from my garden along with about two t. sugar), loubee beans (garlic, green beans and tomatoes), and some freezer pickles.

Dinner will be the vegetable soup from yesterday's blog. I have enough to last until Saturday.


  1. Those potato pancakes look good!

  2. They were good. I just put the potatoes in the little food processor and added a little water. No flour or eggs so I was surprised that they held together. I was hungry when I got home this evening so I ate the other two pancakes. I'll have to come up with something else for breakfast tomorrow.

  3. Wheat Bran sounds good. Will I yield some from my wheat?

  4. Yes you will get some from your wheat, though I had a much larger stock of it so I have more cereal than I will be able to eat. A good bowl is a half cup of bran, and I have 3 brown lunch bags full. I might make it through 1 or 1-1/2 if this challenge goes the distance.