Saturday, January 7, 2012


'Never discard the bones of turkey or chicken as they will always make a delicious soup,' advises The American Woman's Cook Book. 'Scrape the meat from the bones, break the bones, pack them in a kettle, and cover in cold water, adding a small onion.  Cover closely and simmer very gently for three hours.  Strain and cool.  One-half hour before it is to be served, return to the fire and for every quart of stock add one cup cold meat, season and keep hot until needed.'

I lost half a leg bone when I smashed it in half with a hammer. I was a little more careful with subsequent bones as I cracked them open.  I dumped the picked carcass in the crock pot, covered it over with water, and added a small onion (one I got from Sharon today)  along with 4 fresh turnips. It is nearly done, we will soon see how it turned out!

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