Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4, Out of Fun Titles.

Boy that didn't take long.

Breakfast today;

Polenta with grape butter,

1 egg scrambled,

last bit of toast with walnut butter,

A couple biscotti with blackberry jam,

1/4 cup grape juice.

The grape butter was supposed to turn out like apple butter, only with grapes. It didn't really thicken up. So I basically have grape syrup. On reviewing my inventory I noticed I hadn't eaten any cornmeal up to this point, so I decided to have polenta for breakfast. 4:1 water to cornmeal, boil, cover and reduce to simmer for whatever seems an appropriate time. I think I went 20 mins.

The eggs were all frozen earlier in the year, for those of you who don't feel like sifting through all the old posts to figure out what I am talking about. I found a resource that said adding honey or salt will stabilize the yolk. Neither worked. I made an egg for me and one for Jessica this morning. 'Why is this sweet!'

'Because there is sugar in it.'

'Why would you put sugar in an egg?'

'To stabilize the yolk. Here, give it to me, I'll make you something else.'

'No, its fine, it was just unexpected.' My culinary endeavors should have warning lights.


3 pierogis with tomato sauce

Last of the leftover stew


Kosher style dill pickles

Sharon was right, the pierogis do suffice quite well as ravioli. I'm glad to be done with that stew. Working the same thing into your diet 3 straight days gets pretty old. The raisins were another inventory item I had been neglecting.


Mashed potatoes

Fresh tomato, carrot, and tomatillo

Biscotti with apricot sauce

Bread and butter pickles

Apricot almonds

Challenge-legal libations

Just a plate of random stuff really, whatever I figured would be easy. The tomatillo came from my mom's garden. She never planted it, I just came up from a seed left there the previous year. I also enjoyed a 12oz bottle of apricot wine I made earlier this year. Well, half a bottle really, as it was overpressurized and sprayed all over the kitchen counter when I opened it.

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  1. That breakfast looks very yummy indeed!

  2. The breads are a bit of a chore to gnaw on, the rest of breakfasts are pretty simple and good fare. In reading The American Woman's Cookbook's section on bread, it appears from the symptoms that we used too much flour. I shall have to give their instructions a try for the next batch.
    Maybe I'll use the stuff in the freezer for pizza dough...mmmm pizza...

  3. I have lots and lots and lots of tomatoes - chopped, sauce, tomatoe basil (if you need any for your pizza).

  4. I like that jess add perspective. Where's sharon? How's she doin?