Monday, January 2, 2012

Everything I Eat Is The Same Color - Brown.

I prepared a small dinner since lunch was so late - 4 pierogis, a nut butter & rose hips spread sandwich, chow-chow relish, and mint tea.

The pierogis were made with Sharon yesterday - filled with cream cheese and potatoes.

The bread is the same as previously mentioned. I have 2 frozen loaves yet to bake in the freezer. The bread is pretty crumbly at this point. The nut butter is ground black walnuts and a little maple sugar.  The rose hips spread I made by putting a bunch of rose hips in a blender with water, then straining the contents. I then decanted the water off the top a few days later and added sugar.

The chow-chow relish was acquired in trade from the Jacksons. It is a bit like sweet relish but with carrots in it among other things. I was going to put it on the peirogis but it seems to be a fine stand-alone little salad.

The mint tea has also had a previous mention. 

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