Friday, January 6, 2012

Long Awaited Inventory List

Here is my "inventory list" for the rest of the challenge. I am hoping to trade turkey and oil for cornmeal, salt and perhaps baking powder to make some fruit breads. For items that say "bag", amount is between 8-12 ounces in a freezer bag. For items that say "container," it is a glad container.

Baked Potatoes (chive or parsley) 36 (1/2 each)
Beets 4 oz
Carrots 4 bags
Chopped Chives 1 rolls
Chopped Garlic 1 1/2 rolls
Eggplant Ilaliano 6 oz
Gr Beans w/Tomatoes & Garlic 2 bags
Kale 3 sm bags
Pea Pods 7 bags
Plain Green Beans 5 bags
Shredded Zucchini 1 bag
Summer Squash 1 8oz jar
Summer Squash 1 16 oz jar
Turips 4 bags
Potatoes (raw) 6 small
Tomatilloes 8 small
Cherry Tomatoes 20 tiny
Carrots still growing
Lettuce still growing

Vegetable Soup 2 containers
Tomato Beet Soup 1 container
Pumpkin Soup 2 containers
Zucchini Soup 1 container
Christmas Soup 1 16 oz
Christmas Soup 2 8 oz
Butternut Squash Soup 2 containers

White Plum Preserves 1 jar
Grape Jelly 2 jars
Blackberry Jam 1 jar

Applesauce 15 containers
Apricots 1 1/2 bags
Frozen watermelon 3 bags
Grape Juice 6 small jars
Grape Juice 3 large containers
Peaches 1 jar

Dill Pickles 1 jar
Kosher Dills 1 jar
Freezer Pickles 4 bags
Bread & Butter Pickles 1/3 jar
Eggs 11
Turkey 1 (8.5 pounds)
Walnut Meats 6 oz

Chopped Tomatoes 2-1# bags
Peeled Tomatoes 2 bags
Spaghetti sauce 2 bags
Tomato Basic Sauce 2 1# bags
Tomato Sauce 1 container

Maple Cake 1
Oil about 1/3 bottle
Butter 2/3 stick
Soup Base 1/8 jar
Vinegar 1/8 bottle
Sugar 1/8 bag
Wheat (not milled) 2-3 pounds
Sunflower Seeds

Mint (Dry)
still growing
Parsley (Dry and Frozen)
Clover Flowers
Linden Flowers


  1. Here is my list:
    Frozen: 2.5 containers tomato sauce, 2 small onions, container apricot applesauce, container layered stuffed cabbage,2 bags uncooked apples, 2 soybean burgers, tomato beet soup, kale chips, green beans with tomatoes, 10 TBS chives, small container garlic, rose hips, 2 lemons, roasted vegetables, 2 packages raspberries, small amount of dill & 4 pierogis (which I'm giving to mom).
    Refrigerator/thawing or opened:
    Chili, ratatouille, eggplant italiano, blackberry jam, pickles, chow chow relish, canned tomatoes, yeast, and raisins.
    Canned apples, elderberry jam, mystery jam (grape maybe?), salt, oil, wheat flour, corn flour, pepper, rice, 2 maple sugar cakes, thyme, wheat noodles and candied walnuts.

    I'm glad I took inventory. I found the kale chips and applesauce which will be my snacks today. I'm not sure about the uncooked apples and the apple cabbage salad. The apples turn rubbery in the freezer because they are not cooked. The baked apples and applesauce hold up well.
    I will catch up on all my posts over the weekend.

  2. I forgot to list salt. Mom, you can certainly have some. I don't have baking powder. Mark and I used a yeast starter instead of baking powder for the maple walnut biscotti.

  3. Thank you Sharon. I am looking forward to reading your posts.