Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 18 - 24.3% - Almost 1/4 of the way there . . .

I didn't work today so I got to eat three meals.  Breakfast was filling.  I had a bowl of cooked bran cereal with peaches and peach juice, a blackberry applesauce and frozen grape juice slushy, and chicory beverage.
For lunch today I had turkey/turnip soup along with applesauce, zucchini, walnut bread covered with blackberry jam.  I had a little broth left and decided to finish it off at supper.  The soup was good but after eating it several days in a row, I had enough.
So after lunch I decided to make a big batch of polenta.  When I was talking about polenta with some of my coworkers, Ernie told me that his grandmother served polenta with spaghetti sauce.  I thought I would try it.

Supper consisted of two slices of polenta with tomato/basil sauce, loubee beans, the last slice of Mark's wheat bread with blackberry jelly and the last of the turkey/turnip broth.  I like the potenta with the spaghetti sauce.  Thanks for the suggestion Ernie!

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