Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2, And All Is Well

Braeakfast was;

1 egg, omelet style, with green onion and cream cheese

Hot apples

Bran cereal with grape butter and milk

Mint Tea

The egg omelet was really good. I expect I will be buying cream cheese more in the future when this challenge ends. I used a 3:1 ratio on the bran cereal, it still needed cooked down some but just for a couple minutes.

Lunch was;

Vegetable soup

Biscotti with cream cheese

Bread and butter pickles

Walnuts with caramel sauce

The walnuts had a few bits of shell, which is always extra annoying to find. The soup was average, I added whole wheat and soy beans to the broth I made some months ago. I don't really remember what was in it exactly, I know there was corn, tomato, turnips, and green beans. The biscotti are a little grueling, they are not quite sweet or crunchy enough.

Dinner was;

Mashed potatoes

Green beans with garlic and tomato

Radish green salad

3 sauerkraut pierogis

Chow-chow relish

The salad consisted of radish greens, radishes, carrots, and fresh tomatoes. I made a dressing from white vinegar, elderberry oil, dried parsley, dried basil, and salt. The radishes have been holding up pretty well in the mild winter. The roots are getting a bit woody but the greens are still good, and not at all hot. It was a good salad.

The green beans were received in trade, they were also good, once a sprinkle of salt was added.

I picked the 4 smallest potatoes, boiled them, added a splash of milk, and mashed them up. They were also quite good.

The weakest link in the dinner were the pierogis. They are a little too thick in the dough department. The middle part is good but the edges are like a job to eat. I will definitely roll them out using the noodle maker next time.

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  1. You guys are great. Everything looks very appetizing.

  2. Are you eating any snacks? I'm finding it a little easier to eat one thing every couple hours. Today, I ate my carrots at Noon, pickles at 2:00, soup at 4:00 and green beans at 6:00. It seems to hold me over a little better. Of course, I couldn't wait to get home and finish those last two potato pancakes.

  3. Sarah - thanks for being our cheerleader!

  4. I had a few pickles yesterday while I was making noodles, but for the most part I have just been eating meals. Working from home really helps, I can make all the components of a meal and then sit down and enjoy it then. I could use a snack now! And a coffe and a burger. 2 days vegetarian, and 5 days without coffee!

  5. I have a suggestion for the biscotti. Yesterday I crumbled the remaining ones and put them in the bottom of a lightly oiled baking dish. Then I put baked apples and sprinkled candied walnuts on top and baked it for a bit. It came out pretty good. I also tried the potato and cheese pierogis with tomato sauce. It tasted a little like ravioli since the cream cheese makes it so creamy.

  6. Oh for a pierogi or ravioli!!! Sounds like heaven!

  7. Eating the biscotti is a bit of a chore...i think they could have used a bit more sweet and a bit less walnut. I will bring you a couple pierogis on Saturday.