Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 25 Acquisitions

Yesterday I picked up in trade;

3 portions turkey, approx 2 oz each
1 qt pumpkin soup
1 pt grape juice
6 half potatoes
Frozen spag sauce
Frozen carrots
Frozen turnips
Frozen tomatoes
Frozen parsley
Frozen green beans
Vegetable oil
Frozen applesauce

And from dinner I got leftovers;

Squirrel soup
Spaghetti sauce

2 turkey mini pies

AND from the garden I got;

Turnips & greens
A few small beets
A few small carrots

AND from what Sharon dumped out on the table;

Canned apples

I gave up 1/2 pt maple sugar, the wheat flour and 2 eggs for the mini-pies, 4lb cornmeal, 1lb bran, 1/2lb crackers, 1 jar of jelly, and a quart of summer squash.

My coffers feel quite rejuvenated! Not 48 more days rejuvenated, mind you, but still!

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