Saturday, January 7, 2012


The first couple of days I only had water to drink. I needed something else! I don't like chicory and I'm not big on mint tea (I usually just drink it if I have an upset stomach).

Desperate times call for desperate measures so I had light peach syrup one evening with dinner! I think mom said that she drank the bread and butter pickle juice as a beverage (or something like that).

A few days ago, before work I had the idea to make raspberry lemonade. I combined frozen squeezed lemon, water, raspberry sauce (sweetened with maple sugar) and chipped away at the maple sugar. I had to give up on the maple sugar because I cut my finger while chipping away at it so it was a little sour.

Today I used up the remaining small amount of thawed lemon and raspberry sauce. This time I heated the maple sugar in water to melt it to create a syrup. I added a little syrup and water and it was much better. I still have 2 lemons and a package of raspberries in the freezer in case I decide to make this again.

I also made grape juice from raisins (I will drink this with breakfast tomorrow). I soaked the raisins (they were soaking due to a cooking experiment gone wrong), then added a little more water and boiled it. I strained the raisins and added maple syrup to the liquid. It tastes ok - but the grapes are not my favorite flavor.


  1. I just wanted to clarify the pickle juice beverage. It was even stranger than that. I had a salad that included beets and the bread and butter pickle juice for a dressing. I drank the liquid remaining in the bottom of the bowl after I finished my salad and it was pretty good. So, when I got home that evening I put a little pickle juice in with some beet juice and drank it. It wasn't quite the same as the liquid from the salad but it was ok.

  2. Sharon if you have sugar left, put it in a ziplock bag and beat it with the hammer!
    Mom, I'm sorry but that sounds like the worst beverage ever.

  3. During WWII there was a shortage of citrus fruit in England, the government recommended that citizens make a tea from rose hips. It is super high in vitamin C. They also hold up well into the winter, and now is a fine time to go picking them. if you need help identifying them or want me to go pick some more for you just let me know.

  4. The beverage was not the best thing I ever consumed but certainly not the worst - not as bad as cod liver oil.