Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 10 - They taste better than they look

Breakfast today included molded polenta filled with warm blackberry compote.  I found the blackberries in the back of the freezer.  They were left over from last year's challenge.  The cornmeal used to make the polenta was a trade item.  There was a side dish of the blackberry compote (not pictured) which I also polished off, along with a cup of chicory beverage.

For my grazing meals today I am taking 1/2 of a 9" pizza I made last night.  The pizza has a cornmeal/wheat crust (made up of items received in trade).  For the toppings, I sauteed garlic with canned summer squash (trade item).  To that I added some cut up turkey and heated that for a little while.  I topped the crust with a tomato/basil sauce I made during the summer.  The turnkey/squash mixture was placed on top and then I added dry herbs including parsley, basil, and sage.  I sampled the pizza last evening and even though it doesn't look so great - it was wonderful (or maybe I was just hungry).  Other grazing items include tomato juice, freezer pickles and a carrot "slaw" made of some of the fresh mutant carrots, a small amount of applesauce, chopped black walnuts and sunflower seeds.


  1. Thanks Sarah - I put just the smallest amount of oil inside of a container from hummus that had a little bump up in the middle. So, I thought, "Why not fill it with something." The blackberries helped sweeten in up.