Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 13 - Lunch and Supper

Lunch consisted of a mixture of pea pods, tomato basil sauce, one wheat pierogi and a couple scoops of the cornbread mixture from this morning.  I also had a piece of applesauce zucchini bread.

I saw a recipe on the web for soup using turkey wings, turnips greens, turnips and garlic, all of which I had.  The recipe also included instructions for cornbread dumplings.  Well, I tried cooking two batches of the dumplings (only 5 each time) and about half of them fell apart.  The picture above is the turkey soup with the remaining dumplings.  I added a few ingredients to the remaining mixture and I made cornbread (not pictured).  For dinner I had the turkey/turnip soup, blackberry applesauce and two pieces of cornbread.  It was a corny day.

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